"Restricted viewing angle" pop-up message on plane load?

Anyone know what triggers the “This plane has a restricted viewing angle”
popup message from MSFS when you load a plane? It’s doing this with my glider
model but the view out of the cockpit is fine.

Hello @B21 This pop-up shows up when you spawn with an
aircraft that has more than 8 degrees of pitch when static on the ground,
regardless of his actual cockpit. It can’t be disabled on an aircraft basis
but players can remove those messages by disabling the “Software Tips”
notification assistance. Regards, Sylvain

thanks - much appreciated. Is that “pitch” angle is simply calculated from the
main wheel contact point(s) and the tail wheel contact point, assuming
constant y => zero pitch? Or is the “wing_incidence” added so it’s the wing
AoA when stationary? Sounds like the solution is to rotate the 3d Model in
blender and re-do the contact points, so the plane looks exactly the same in
the sim but doesn’t trigger the warning? Not sure what we’d have gained there.

Hello @B21 The simvar PLANE PITCH DEGREES is used for
this so it refers to your world orientation only and has no relation to

ah, really interesting. Thanks again, really good to have a definitive answer.
This is one of those rare occasions where the coordinate system used in the
aircraft 3D graphics model affects the simulation which might be obvious for
legacy developers but is counter-intuitive. I remember being surprised there
were no yaw,pitch,roll parameters that orient the 3D model with the flight
model complimenting the x,y,z reference_datum_position parameter so there are
some unwritten assumptions there mainly relevant for pitch.

addendum: luckily for me I could stop the warning by tweaking the main gear
contact point and adjusting the model XML controlling the gear extension so
the on-ground animation lines up. Going back and rotating the 3D model half-a-
degree and re-doing flight model (because of the pitch dependency) just to
suppress the MSFS warning would have been a lot more work to get back to where
we started.