Resync doesn't work in aircraft editor with SDK 0.18.0 [Solved]

Hi, Resync doesn’t work for me, neither does save & resync (it doesn’t resync
and number return as before editing). Any solution ? Much thanks

Hello @DanPL what is the name of the input you try to change ? Did you try
with the sample SimpleAircraft? I changed the Fuel Type, Weight, Static
Pitch of Contacts/brakes section and the save and resync function works on my
side Regards, Boris

In addition, this behaviour depends solely on the FlightSimulator.exe version
and has nothing to do with the version of the SDK you installed.

Dear Boris, It work now. I recreated my project from scratch and simply added
my Sources and PackageSources. I probably messed somethings with my first
install & try. Much thanks Best regards, Dan