Reverse current blocking diodes in electrical system

Hi Is it possible to simulate reverse current blocking diodes when joining two
electrical buses? The Bonanza has a Bus Tie that joins bat/bus 1 with bat/bus
2. However, due to the reverse current blocking diodes installed between Bus 1
and Bus 2 there is a 2 volt approx drop between the two. I need to model the
one-way nature of this connection somehow. I’m struggling with how to model
this correctly. Many thanks Matt

Hello @CaptMatto You will need to check the simvar of the Voltage that will
need to drop and, based on it, set the Simvar controlling the connection
event. Also use SIMVAR_BUS_CONNECTION_ON to check the current state of the
connection. Hope that help, best regards Yohan

Hello @Yoanito Thanks for the above! However, when the Bus Tie is active, I
need to ensure that the current is ‘one-way’ in the Bonanza Bus 1 boosts Bus
2, but not the other way round. When I enable the Bus connection between the
two, their voltages become the same. If the Bus is one-way (because there is a
reverse current diode) then Bat/Bus 1 voltage should stay the same. Hope that
makes sense?

Hello @CaptMatto It is making sense yes but unfortunately, what you’re trying
to make is not possible with the current iteration of the electrical system.
Best Regards, Yohan

It also does not seem possible to simulate a resistive lead… or a battery’s
Internal Resistance. __ I had hope that the “Battery Internal Resistance”
would have been added by now, as a battery with no Internal resistance is a
very poor and inaccurate simulation of a battery, and very much limits the
simulation of any realistic electrical system with a Battery
see: ================ QUOTE
============= FlyingRaccoon :diamonds::diamonds: N6722C commented · Oct 18 2022 at 7:49 AM
Hello @N6722C I double checked with the team. This is still planned but
development hasn’t started yet. So still no ETA but definitely not short term.
Regards, Sylvain

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