Right way to proceed with a MaterialLib and how to package to share properly

Greetings all! Here i am with some, i would quality as stupid question or
basics, but to be sure to properly do my stuff when i will be sharing my first
few mods/scenery etc, which is more and more all getting ready for a v1
sharing. :slight_smile: I do have a few questions regarding Material Libs or properly do
stuff us that people will not encounter issues with my mods. 1- According to
the SDK Manual, we need to add all files (PNG, DDS) to the assigned folder "
The textures themselves need to be added to the project folder before they
can be added to the material…
". So that is clear for custom ones of
course, but, if, i use a texture from any default package. let’s take as
example any grass from the Asobo_Ground materiallib, it is base so i do not
need to share of course, but if i create myself a custom MaterialLib with
textures for helipads markings as example, i will need to copy inside my
scenery the helipad marking texture i use, if i copy it from my packaged
MaterialLib, do i only copy the DDS/PNG, or also the two other files it
generates when we created the texture in the lib (the FLAGS and .Material
files as well?) So when using a texture from a package in the MAterial Editor
list, do they need to be added to the scenery as well?) 2-What is the proper
way to create a MaterialLib to share as a mod, the SDK only shows as so far i
had to do, adding an Asset Group to an actual scenery, but if to create a base
Material Lib, to i simplys still use the base Template Folder from the SDK
download, start from this as any scenery, just create my MaterialLib as an
asset group in there and this will be teh package to share, as a Scenery but
without anything added to the scenery? Or could as well Create New Project
from the Project Editor and do the same, add a MaterialLib Asset Group? As i
do, copying all my PNG in there to build my Library. 3- If i want to update a
certain Texture, proper way to edit, seems simpy drag and drop replace thePNG
does not update in the SDK, would it be to copy a new PNG with different name,
then edit the Material int he Material Editor to point to the new PNG, then
afterwards delete the old PNG, FLAGS and .Material files from the folder?
4-Addind Material to the Material List i encounter once or twice something
that i could not figured out, i figured out that when a Material is whiyte
from your custom Library you added to the scene, means it us used in the
scenery, and if a bit greyed out, it is not used, but what i was not able to
figure out is, again happened twice or so, second time it happened how i fixed
as i could not find infos what it meant, was to close my project and reopen
then resume adding Material, was that, all Material i was creating/adding, in
the Material Editor Panel list, were actualy yellow and with an Asterisk in
front of the name, first time it happened i thought it was fine so i kept
going adding all my materials, then as a surprise when i reopened my project
later, all materials were not there, nothing sort of saved, so now i pay
attention that they need to be white when i add them, but what does it means
the few odds time they show as yellow with the asterisk in front. Thanks and
sorry for all these newbs questions, but it is a professional deformation or
habbit as a production Artist who also does some motion design, when i share
projects, working files or packaged projects, i want people to be able to use
my packages, not have issues, same thing when i do scenery, mods in games,
dependencies can be tricky sometimes, i do not want people to swear at me for
broken projects :slight_smile:

Do you want to create a package that only contains a MaterialLib? Or do you
want the MaterialLib to be part of a package?

@rhumbaflappy That it only contains the Material Lib (in other words i want to
create a MaterialLib addon, pretty much like an Object Library would be),
being part of a package or scenery that i was able to make it, but i want to
share as an addon, only material containing as example, helipad textures,
custom lines etc… that people can simply select, i have not seen many people
on Flightsim.to doing it, so not sure if it is a good
idea or not, or simply share the PNG. I created stuff for myself building my
scenery and though i could while being at it, share with the community.

Here’s a simple package addon with just a material library:
ANjeEB8ku9pCyPlndvB7a/view?usp=sharing> This was made using the DevMode method
of creating a package. The only thing you need to add is the actual PNG image.
After the initial project is made from the Devmode, you’ll need to add your
texture(s) to the Textures folder buried inside the PackageSources directory.
Then the Devmode will be able to create the material, and you can save the
Project, compile it, add it to the Community folder.

Depending on your choices, I’d be interested in something like that.

Thanks i will check your example. And this is basically what i was gonna do as
you explained. I am so new to all this and i just do not want to upload stuff
on Flightsim.to and end up buggy.

@rhumbaflappy i think it should be good now, created a New Projec t,
then selected Package , then to finaly select as Content-Type ,
MaterialLib. Added all my Materials, even assigned tags to them for easy
filtering, just a bit disapointed that we cannot edit the name of created
Tags, especially that is tedious to assigned Materials to Tags, as you cannot
select multiple to apply, it is one by one, then click your tags you want,
then click save, then it unselect the Tag menu, so you gotta go click back the
Tag Tab at the top, relick the Tag you want to assign, Save, rinse and repeat,
good thing i only had 28 to do :).