RNAV Touch Down Point

I received such great results from my last question, I had to come back. So I got the ILS working like a champ thanks to that great advice. Now it seems I’ve lost the touch for refining my RNAV approach to the runway. I’m likely looking in the wrong places, but I think I’ve changed every variable in runway properties to try to get my aircraft to touch down at the touchdown marks verses trying to touchdown at the very runway threshold and thus being too low on the approach. I know it sounds like a “you should have know this” question, but this is my first airport and runway. So if anyone can give me some advice I would so appreciate it. Cheers!

You don’t have any verticalAngle attribute on the final approach legs, which should contain the glidepath slope, and you maybe forgot the units (F) on the last leg to the runway. It’s up to the specific aircraft/avionics how they manage vertical guidance for non-precision approaches however.

An example:

<Leg type="TF" fixType="TERMINAL_WAYPOINT" fixRegion="LX" fixIdent="GB09F" flyOver="FALSE" magneticCourse="323.0" altitudeDescriptor="A" altitude1="1500.0F" speedLimit="160" distance="1.00N" isFAF="TRUE" /> <!-- RNP = 0.3 -->
<Leg type="RF" fixType="TERMINAL_WAYPOINT" fixRegion="LX" fixIdent="GB096" flyOver="FALSE" magneticCourse="89.0" arcCenterFixType="TERMINAL_WAYPOINT" arcCenterFixIdent="GB409" arcCenterFixRegion="LX" turnDirection="R" verticalAngle="-3.0" distance="3.52N" /> <!-- RNP = 0.3 -->
<Leg type="TF" fixType="RUNWAY" fixRegion="LX" fixIdent="RW09" flyOver="TRUE" magneticCourse="89.0" altitudeDescriptor="A" altitude1="50.0F" verticalAngle="-3.0" distance="1.00N" isMAP="TRUE" /> <!-- RNP = 0.3 -->

I’ll make these changes and give it a try. Since ILS uses the glideslope provide under runway then these addition would only apply to the RNAV approach, correct? The ILS seems to work great on on descent, all-be-it not all of the aircraft seem to correct to capture and follow the localizer - FBW A320 spot on, the King Air not so much, but my figuring out the correct magvar is still a work in progress. I give this a try when I get all my other “red X’s” cleared. Thank you so much and I’ll let you know the results.