Rudder and Tiller via API/SDK?

Hello, i have a more or less easy Question. I am using Prosim737 in my
Homecockpit and this is a external Application. Because of that Prosim737 uses
the API/SDK to control the Rudder and Tiller for the B737-800NG. Is it clearly
possible to control the Rudder and the Tiller seperated by each other ? In the
real Aircraft, when you use the Rudder on Ground during taxi, the Rudder
Peddals moving the nose wheel only by 9 degrees left and right, but the Tiller
something like 78 degrees if i am not wrong. But the Rudder and Tiller are
clearly seperated by each other.

As of the Developer of Prosim737 it is not possible by using the SDK/API to do
that. Is that correct or not ?

Thanks a lot for any clear Answer.

Not sure how the ProSim737 handles this, but for tiller you would normally use
the Nose Wheel Steering events (under Aircraft Misc. Events):


Hello, i post this in the Prosim737 Forum and get Banned now by the user
called “Lapi”. It seams he is a bit kind of a P