Runway Deformation & General Terraforming

Hello all, I am working on updating an existing scenery project to bring it
more true to life. This airport is relatively unique in that there is a 21.4
foot difference between each runway end. As such, the associated taxiways,
apron areas, and hangar areas are not all level with the runway. For example,
the t-hangar area parallel to the one end sits about 20-30 feet ‘below’ the
runway and taxiway end even though it is directly adjacent. The other side is
similar, the end of the apron area sits about 5-10 feet above the taxiway.
Is there any specific way I should be tackling all of this? The current
terraforming tools seem a little lackluster.

Hello @JustSeanC . Is your airport currently dead flat ? If so go into Runway
properties under Terraforming. This seems to default to a value of “-1” which
causes a huge flattening. I usually put in a value around 20-40 metres and the
underlying digital elevation model comes to life remarkably well. I then use
as few terraforms as possible as it can definitely be a black art trying to
adjust things. Generally need a couple of terraforms around both end of the
runway turning points and perhaps matching the runway to some taxiways.
Usually have some flat terraforms for the terminal buildings and parts of RPT
apron. Suggest keep the terraform area as small as possible , go easy on the
height adjustments as the SIM settles and bigger falloffs will help with
smoothing. Have also found that DEV mode does not 100% represent the actual
build mode terraform… Generally I’m absolutely amazed how detailed and
accurate the DEM is, in both PG and non PG areas and once this is “brought
out” as explained above , the main use of terraforms should just be fine
tuning. Best of luck with it. Rob