Runway / Helipad overlap issue

I’m creating a heliport which has a runway that intersects the helipad. As you
can see from the screenshot, the runway renders above the helipad surface, but
below the paint (runway is bitumen, helipad is concrete). I would like the
helipad to render above the runways, as per the google maps screenshot. Is
there any way to control this?

Hello @RoscoHead , A good start would be to use a priority 1 polygon to define
the surface above the runway, then use another priority 2 polygon with a
custom texture to define the “H”. Finally, a helipad with a transparent
material over it so you can spawn.

Hope it helps, Regards, Boris

Thanks @Boris yes it did help by pointing my in the right direction, thanks!
I ended up opting for the simpler (doesn’t require custom texture) but
slightly less accurate solution - adding an apron over the helipad, with
“force above runways”. This hid both the helipad and runway, but not the
paint. But it’s just a quickie for friends, I decided that’s enough

@RoscoHead , Thank you for the feedback :slight_smile: Regards, Boris

In fact, based on the picture after construction was finished, they used an
apron on either side of the runway and let the runway (and edge paint) run
through and painted the helipad on top of that. Did you try putting the apron
under the runway? What happens to the Helipad graphics when you put it on top
of the runway? (you could also simulate your pic above with 3 aprons, two
cement and one asphalt)