Scenery autorotation in the SDK

Since time immemorial, as long as I use the SDKs, the scenario slowly rotates
clockwise on the screen. After some time I find myself working with my head
down and my wife straightens my head. Is there a magical way to stop this
rotation? Thank you Musoni Giampaolo

Ciao Giampaolo The developer camera is piggytailed to the drone camera, THAT
one has this issue since, ehm, a LOT (maybe a year or even more) The issue is
well know, it has not been fixed yet, so it really looks like that the
solution is buried in the code as deep as the “orizzontal line through the
horizon” The only workaround is to set a key/command in the drone camera to
reset it, or to switch off/on the developer camera

Ciao Federico Yes, unfortunately it has always been doing this. I press on the
space bar and it gets back on the level, but then I have to readjust it like
zoom and framing. Let’s hope they fix it as well as that annoying accumulation
of slowness that occurs after about an hour or two of development.

I’ve watched it carefully, myself. Another place we can see movement, is with
shadows on the ground, or exaggerated, falling onto inclined planes. I am
convinced that both motions, shadow progression and “POV skew,” happen at the
same rate and are actually consequences of simulated Earth’s movement. If I am
correct, then the problem would be that the camera is hovering in space
motionless, as we’d want, while the Earth rotates by underneath. It shouldn’t
be too hard to anchor, or tether the camera to the Earth, but it also seems
like something that would not occur in reality, so it might be hard to convert
from FSX code, where the Earth did not rotate. So instead of POV camera, you
could try a SimObject, like the ORBX BOB, that was set to fly due east at the
speed of the Sun’s progression and you’d probably be able to be stationary.

HI. Your theory has excellent foundations. But if it were 100% true I should
see the rotation clockwise if I’m looking north and counterclockwise if I’m
looking south. But the rotation is always clockwise that I’m looking from both
sides. My head always tilts to the right. Thank you

Hello @GIAMPA , This is a known issue but I can’t
give you any ETA for a fix. Regards, Boris

Actually, water spirals into drains in opposite directions, on opposite sides
of the equator, due to coriolis effect. The water will spiral it’s assigned
direction, despite whether you watch the water facing north, or if you watch
the water facing south. While it is possible to force water to spiral the
wrong direction, it is less possible to imagine the devs have added a
gravitational vector to the whole “round earth” model. Still, it’s something
to consider.

Thanks Boris. Let’s hope they find this solution too Regards, Giampa

  1. how many more problems and bugs they will accumulate without solution.
  2. For those outside, they convey the image that they are sloppy. And the SDK a lot needs to be done to become a reliable development environment.

I, on the other hand, am inclined to think that the camera is managed as a
closed-loop feedback automation. as soon as it moves its position sensor
delays in detecting the movement or the balance of the camera axes has a
tolerance for which it is not specifically detected by the sensor and
therefore it is not activated to remain in the primary position. Giampa