Scenery editor extremely slow with large airports

While it’s very nice the crash when editing nodes has been finally fixed, the
scenery editor is very slow, and it seems to become slower and slower the more
nodes it contains. What used to cause a crash before (moving nodes), now
results in several seconds of the editor being very stuttery and almost
unresponsive. See the attached (unlisted) video, showing the problem: When the fps is in the red, everything is
lagging, including moving around with the gamepad. The problem doesn’t happen
just when moving nodes around, but even when changing a property, for example
the name of a taxiway. This makes editing a large airport extremely slow but,
in addition to that, makes almost impossible to use any function that has the
“One click” placing, because in that case the stuttering is constant and the
frame rate never settles down to normal. During the stuttering, the CPU usage
goes up, and GPU usage goes to almost zero. The system it’s an i9-11900K with
64 GB/Ram and RTX 3090.

Further information, the problem seems to be almost fixed, if there isn’t a
copy of the scenery being edited in the Community folder so, it’s working
acceptably ( the pause is there, but it’s way shorter ), if the scenery is
temporarily mounted only when the project is loaded.

Hello Virtuali. This is happening on SU5? I’ve not been able to reproduce this
kind of freeze yet. On a way less powerful machine, editing heavy airports, my
framerate is low but consistent. (also tried copying the edited package to
community) I’ve noticed the lines you’re manipulating are not refreshing the
yellow taxiway lines. Are you editing your airport on top of an already
existing airport without removing it or on top of another 3rd party airport?
Or are you using project meshes and if so in what quantities? The fact I can’t
repro can also come from the fact you might be using a lot of features we
don’t use a lot like ProjectedMeshes for example. I know I sound repetitive
but can you provide a link to your package sources as a private comment
please? If you end up being in a very specific case, I should be able to repro
using your package. Regards, Sylvain

I’m using SU6, and I had this problem when I had a copy of the same scenery
I’m editing in the Community folder, which didn’t used to be a problem before
( at least, I never noticed ) As I’ve said in my subsequent post, if I remove
the scenery from the Community folder, leaving only the one I’m editing that
is mounted on the fly by the Scenery Editor, the problem is almost entirely
gone. The reason I needed a copy of the scenery in the Community folder, was
due to the other bug of the Terraforming I reported in another post: the
terrain keeps going up/down if there’s some terraforming used.

I have exactly the same problem, only with a copy of the current package
inside of the Community folder, in my case, I’m using symbolic links. 10700k
2070Super 64Gb

I can confirm the same issue for complex projects, and this is directly linked
to the large number\overall complexity of projected mesh items used in
project. In my tests I even got the critical number of projected meshes which
caused the complete hang of the Sim on loading\editing project in developer
mode. It’s still not clear about the link between the complexity of project
and total number of projected meshes. Overall it would be interesting to hear
more info on limitations of the projected meshes especially in case of
upcoming LODs optimization process

In my case, I only had 3 Projected Mesh, but the airport is quite big and it
contained lots of TaxiwayPath/TaxiwayNodes (over 2000) so, maybe it’s not
necessarily the number of Projected Meshes, but the number of objects
included, regardless of their types. But I guess the complexity of the objects
that makes up Projected Mesh will be a factor too. Not sure why not having a
copy of the same scenery in the Community folder too seems to improve the
issue quite a bit (although some lag while dragging nodes is still there, but
it’s acceptable) but, I had to do this because of the other bug which will
be hopefully fixed in time, that Terraforming doesn’t work well in the editor,
not just editing it, but even the visualization is a problem, with the terrain
going up/down when moving over different parts of the airport, requiring
either zooming in/out a lot, or press the “Load this asset group” for the
airport, which seems to “refresh” the elevation for the area around the
Developer Camera.

Hello. SU6 has seen an optimization of the projected meshes but this may not
be enough. We are optimizing based on our own heavy airports and airport
designers feedback but that doesn’t cover all use case. We are willing to have
a look at those issues but we need the package sources to identify the
bottleneck in your case. Regards, Sylvain