Scenery editor removing XML code

Hi everyone, When editing the an airport in the scenery editor I noticed that
some elements are removed from the XML file when saving the file in the
simulator: 1) Comments () are removed. Since I write my approaches, SIDs and
STARs in VS Code, I add comments to make things more distinguishable from the
regular scenery code. If these are removed everytime I save the scenery in the
simulator, it makes it incredibly hard to keep track of stuff. 2) Custom
waypoints, VORs and DMEs are removed everytime I save the scenery in the
simulator. Is there anyway we can get these XML entries to be persistent when
saving in the scenery editor?

Whenever I add custom XML, I make a copy of it so I can add it back if I edit
using scenery editor. It’s annoying, but it works.

Hello @FoxtrotSD Can you please provide us with your package sources (or
scenery xml stripped from any reference to custom scenery object) containing
the waypoints, VORs and DMEs that are removed upon edition? Regards, Sylvain

Yeah at this point I do the same, but it gets a bit annoying when having to
debug 15 times in half an hour. Thanks for the suggestion though!

Hello @FoxtrotSD A fix will come with SU12 that will address the nav elements
being removed. It will probably come during the SU12 flighting so keep an eye
on successive release notes when flighting begins. We have plans to keep
commentaries as well but this will be handled separately and will come later
on. Regards, Sylvain