Screwed W&B Screen again ! with SU8

EVEN Worse than reported during Beta SU8 … this Item is now WORSE THAN BEFORE
It completely removes Any opportunity of editing the flight model :frowning:

Hi there, Can you show the [FUEL] section of your flight_model.cfg? Best
regards, Eric / Asobo

I believe there is a bug with the UI of the fuel management system when you
click “build” an aircraft project. Basically the fuel management window is not
showing the correct values after this, but the aircraft is having the correct
weight and CG as per any configuration files. If you open SimConnect and
monitor the payload stations you will be able to confirm this. Sylvain is
aware of the UI issues with the weight panel and posted that this should be
fixed with SU9. Hope this helps, Simbol

My Flight Model section is clearly shown in the aircraft editor part of my
screen capture ? However … here it is again [fuel] LeftMain = -1.95, -10, 1,
65, 3.5 RightMain = -1.95, 10, 1, 65, 3.5 LeftTip = -1.95, -23.5, 1.2, 27.5,
0.8 RightTip = -1.95, 23.5, 1.2, 27.5, 0.8 However I MUST Disagree with your
statement below… as the aircraft fell out of the sky when the engines failed
due to fuel starvation trying to use a Non Existent Centre tank.

"Basically the fuel management window is not showing the correct values after this, but the aircraft is having the correct weight and CG as per any configuration files"

Are you modifying the aircraft and using Resync while flying it ? Best
regards, Eric / Asobo

Eric … please understand I can not edit anything as THIS is the state the
aircraft editor loads my project … I have attempted to Resynch and reload but
the Issue remains and my actual Fuel tanks do not exist :frowning:

I was referring to editing your aircraft with the Aircraft Editor - I think we
already mentioned that there was a UI issue when editing & resyncing, i.e. the
sim “Fuel” page does not get refreshed as it should upon a DevMode Resync. As
stated above this will be fixed in SU9. Best regards, Eric / Asobo

you are not listening ! I DID NOT RESYNCH, THIS IS HOW IT LOADS ! The only
resynch done was in an effort to fix it… It also failed this has Nothing to
do with me editing in the purpose built editor …it is 100% FLAWED and
preventing me from earning my living from development :frowning:

Sorry for misunderstanding - perhaps it would have helped if your first post
was less aggressive and gave more explanations regarding the issue you are
facing: a screenshot of the Aircraft Editor alongside the in-sim Fuel panel
led me to think that the issue was related to the Resync function… Can you
send your built package so that we can check what is going wrong when it is
loaded? Best regards, Eric / Asobo

I am sorry also but I thought my screenshot was self explanatory … weight and
balance does not reflect loaded flight-model Entries I also now have new
issues … where as the project is Not visible in the aircraft selection screen
unless I BUILD the Project Each time I load sim … surely this is not right ?
I will attach the source to a separate targeted reply

You shouldn’t have to build your project each time you open it: when you open
a project, the DevMode checks if a built version (i.e. a package) is already
available. If that is the case, the said package is automatically mounted into
the VFS and all mounted packages are rescanned to update the sim content (as a
side note, this is why opening a project takes quite some time). Have you
checked if the same behavior occurs with the SDK samples? Best regards, Eric /

This is fixed thank you , I had a custom install path and this community
folder was simply being ignored by SU8 Reverting to the default
solved the issue

Do you mean the Fuel panel issue is fixed too or should we look into the
project you sent? Best regards, Eric / Asobo

No, please continue with Weight and Balance / fuel tank Issue … I should have
clarified, the Fixed item was the missing projects from selection menu and
needing to rebuild each launch this was due to SU8 Not recognizing my custom
install path and subsequently the community folder within I relocated my
compiled package files to the default community folder and all is well again
in that respect

The issue where the aircraft runs out of fuel is a another bug that occurs
when you switch aircraft’s via the aircraft selector windows and you come back
to your project. Under these circumstances the fuel values get reset to zero.
Exit to main panel, load your project and work only on this aircraft and
nothing else and your fuel will not be starved from the engine. I reported the
bug with zero fuel a while ago, Sylvain also added it to the list of things to
fix. Best, Simbol.