SDK 0.14 Babylon Tools - Max 2020

Hello All, The new Babylon tools provided with the SDK 0.14 is missing the
Asobo Unique ID checkbox (see picture), is this on purpose? The Console now
complains nodes do not have unique IDs, I ran a specific tool below the
Babylon Menu, Babylon Resolve unique IDs, Is this the intended change with the
new SDK? I liked more the previous method, it was more straight forward and
easier to use… in any case now the package tool fails always to compile the
object, saying the unique IDs are missing… not matter what I do… I am
reverting back to SDK 0.13, I am unable to do anything with version 0.14 guys,
any help is very much appreciated. If you guys need help beta testing version
0.15, let me know. Regards, Simbol

Hello Simbol, The issue is known and being fixed. Unchecking the
ASOBO_animation_retargeting checkbox will generate gltf no longer causing
this error. Regards, Sylvain

Right, Ok I will re-test again tonight. Many thanks for letting me know. I
wanted to do a sample for you using the latest SDK for the pink textures but
failed to move forward. My offer stands, you can see how good I am to find
bugs… Everyone would benefit if I test SDK beta builds. Best, Raul

Hi Sylvain, I just had a opportunity to test this, and it works… Thanks for
the help. Raul

Hi Sylvain @FlyingRaccoon I have another question, will be the Asobo Unique ID
checkbox come back in a future release? the reason I ask is because it is
still being referenced by the documentation, specially for the Submodel
merging implementation. So it seems to use submodels we would need this
checkbox, which is missing with SDK 0.14. Maybe it was hidden by mistake? or
do the unique IDs are now enabled by default? meaning the submodel
documentation needs to be changed since it is not necessary? Thanks in
advance, Simbol