SDK 0.16.0 - basic mouse functions not working

I was working on a project this morning and all was well. The SU7 update
kicked off after a MSFS restart, so I went ahead and installed SDK0.16.0 when
it was done. Now I am having problems doing basic functions. I added an
“Airport_Stairs_02” object to my airport. It is sitting on the ramp, but I
cannot select it. If I click on it in the list in the scenery editor, I can
see a think white box appear around it, but there is no gizmo. One-click
placing does not work now. If I select an object from the list and then click
one click placing, the object will appear off in the distance when I move my
mouse around the scene. If I move my mouse over the actual object window, the
object I have selected appears in the middle of my scene. Move the mouse back
over to that spot, and I can see the onject hovering over a location far away.
What gives? Am I the only one seeing this?

Update. I saw Eric’s comment on the other thread about collapsing the aircraft
editor to regain control of the joystick and keyboard, so I thought I’d give
it a try for this issue. No joy. I opened up all of the tool windows and
collapsed them. No joy. I had a tools window with 3 tabs, Materials editor,
Objects, and Scenery Editor. I slid the Scenery Editor tab off to the side and
gave it it’s own window and then I collapsed it. I got my mouse back, and one
click placing started working as it should. Seems like the Object window and
the Scenery Editor aren’t playing nice with each other. At least I can work
now. I added a bunch of objects that I didn’t need when I was testing. I was
in the scenery editor deleting them which caused the sim to crash. That’s the
second time my sim has crashed after deleting a scenery object. At any rate.
My testing stopped where I left off above.

Final update. After getting things running again, I have found that if the
Object tool is setup as a tabbed item in a window with any other tool on my
system, one click placing and object selection will not work properly.

I’m having same issues. No joystick or mouse input if any windows are open in
the SDK . Did you find a fix?

Same Problem !