SDK 0.20 not compatible with current live sim

The documentation states “IMPORTANT! The SDK is completely independent from
the Microsoft Flight Simulator executable” but it seems that the current SDK
v0.20.2.0 is not compatible with the current live version of the sim. The
newer SDK added extra attributes: PublishingGroups PublishingGroupFolderName
PublishingGroupMetadataFoldername PublishingGroupTemporaryOutputDirectory
These throw errors when trying to build a project that has been saved with
v0.20.2.0 and running the current live sim version.

XMLValidation | error (2:65): Attribute PublishingGroupFolderName is invalid for node Project (PTProject)
XMLValidation | error (2:155): Attribute PublishingGroupMetadataFolderName is invalid for node Project (PTProject)
XMLValidation | error (5:2): Node PublishingGroupTemporaryOutputDirectory is invalid for node Project (PTProject)
XMLValidation | error (9:2): Node PublishingGroups is invalid for node Project (PTProject)
Failed to validate the XML doc against the XML validation data
Failed to open project XML file
Press any key to continue . . .

Is this a known issue? I don’t think I’d be the only one experiencing it. The
project will only build with the beta version of the sim installed. Trying to
open the project from within the sim just generated the error ‘Could not load
project’ I do have spaces in my project path but I thought that was an issue
that was fixed several Sim Updates ago. Thanks SFSimsDev

I had to manually edit the project.xml back to the old format, removing the
new fields. Will leave this post here for anyone else who has the issue.

Hello @SFSimsDev , It’s not the sdk but the devmode that is important here
and it’s embedded into the game. In SU11 we added PublishingGroups and
it looks to me like you created or built (maybe both?) a project in SU11 beta
and then tried to build it with an SU10 version. You will encounter this
behavior because your SU11 package version now contains some features that did
not exist in SU10. Regards, Boris

Thanks @Boris It was an SU10 project that got saved in SU11 and therefore
couldn’t be read by SU10. Editing the Project.xml file did the trick.