SDK 18.0 Builds Project but not visible outside scenery editor

I just updated the last week to the SU9 Beta which includes the new SDK 18.0 -
I wanted to test my latest airport project and continue working on it with the
latest SDK. I open the project in DevMode and build the project which returns
with 0 errors. When I load into the airport in the sim it is showing the
default airport and not my project. Normally it would show my work and the
default airport would be gone. If I then open the project in the scenery
editor it will load but my 3D models are missing that I have already
previously placed. The ground lines and pavements that I have done are there
but no models. I have checked the virtual file system and it shows my package
loaded in the system. I am at a loss… Anyone else having this issue
because so far I have not found anyone else with this problem on the new SDK?

Hello @thetford569 , A new su9 beta update is available to download since few
minutes (, it fixes an issue with the modelLib which was not mounted
into the VFS after a build Regards, Boris

Thanks Boris. I installed the update and the project shows after building and
everything now looks as expected.