SDK 19 Blender Model Live Reload not working again in SU10

I updated to SDK19 on my dev laptop and blender live model reload is not
working again. I can only get my live reload to work in the sim if I open the
gltf in notepad++ and save it there. Then it will reload in the sim. Just
exporting from the Asobo exporter will not get it to reload even though the
exporter is writing all the files correctly (I looked at the time stamps).
This was working fine on SDK 18 on my home computer just a few days ago. Can
anyone else verify?

Is it possible it was working before because you were exporting models without
textures? I have had to use the text editor work around since last year for
textured models.

I was updating textured models in the sim last week. I was under the
impression that this was fixed with the SU10 beta which I have been using.
They just released a new beta build and I suspect that the new build has made
this broken again to where you have to use a text editor to make it work. I
was definitely updating textured models though and you could see the model
disappear and reload after export. Now it does nothing unless you use a text
editor. To make this clear I am now on SU10 build

Now that I"ve updated my home computer to SU10 and SDK 19 I can’t
even get the models to update with the text editor workaround anymore. The
model does not auto refresh at all anymore…hmmm…

It’s the same as before, sometimes works, sometimes doesn’t. Just open and
save the GTLF in visual studio code which will force the live reset/reload.
Make sure you’re in the scenery editor at the time. For model textures to
update you need to build the package and reload it. If you’re having real
issues try removing the cache directories to force a proper from scratch
rebuild. This works 100% of the time.

What cache directories are you speaking of? I’ve cleaned and rebuilt packages
and have done all of those things and it still doesn’t work. I was in the
scenery editor too…and I’ve manually changed the GTLF using text editor
which usually works.

Well I changed absolutely nothing in my process and it started working again.
Even the blender export button refreshes the model now. I’m stumped.

Now using SDK 20.0.1 and models are not re-loading in the scenery editor after
exporting from Blender. I can’t get the editing the GTLF with a text editor to
work either to force a reload. Making it really difficult to adjust lights
added to my model… this is without anything in the Community folder either

  • vanilla MSFS SU11 Beta.

Further on this in SDK 20.0.1 I recompiled the model with a new GUID and now
the editing of the GTLF works to force a reload but it still does not reload
upon export from Blender

Hello @thetford569 I’m trying to track down when this occurs as we didn’t have
the problem internally. First, do we agree you are always exporting the files
in your PackageSources directory? Any change to a temporary file or output
file will be ignored. Only source modifications will be considered. Can you
check the console with AllGroups filter selected when you save and tell us
what’s outputed? Here’s what you should see:

It would be interesting to see
if the process fails when detecting the modification or later on, when
reloading the asset. Regards, Sylvain

ok I will take a look. I am definitely exporting into the package sources
directory…the path is PackageSources/Scenery/airport-knfw-ft-worth/knfw-
modelLib/(folder for the model) I can see the xml, gltf, and bin file all get
updated in the model folder when exporting from Blender but then no reload
happens in the sim. Sometimes I can edit the gltf with a text editor by adding
and removing a space and then it will reload in the sim. Other times neither
method works. It would seem though whether updating via text editor or
exporting a new set of files from Blender it should always work. I will check
the console next time and see what it shows.

We have been able to reproduce the issue. We will investigate why the file
update is not detected. Thank you for reporting the issue.

@FlyingRaccoon any updates on this issue? I am still seeing it with the latest
SDK 0.21.1 Can’t get live reload for my model from Blender and editing the 3d
object file via text editor works sometimes but others it does not.