SDK 19 - Polygon Exclude for floating street lights/feature lights not completely working?

I have placed a polygon over an area that I want to exclude the floating
street lights and feature lights…I can see the lights go out except for
this one single floating white light which just happens to be right where I
don’t want a light to be because I have added my own to my custom model. You
can see the floating white orb in the middle of my screenshot attached. I have
nothing active in my community folder. This is default MSFS SU10 Beta with SDK
version 19. Any idea why this light is not being exluded? The center of the
polygon is right where this light is and the polygon is rather large to
exclude other lights so the position of the polygon is correct.

Hello @thetford569 , Can you send me your project ? I will take a look at it.
See [
crash/77) Regards, Boris

Hello @thetford569 , We are still investigating this issue, I will let you
know when I know more :wink: Regards, Boris

@thetford569 , We checked your project At the moment, there is no solution to
remove the light precisely. the exlude light remove an area and your polygon
was not covering enough surface. So the only way, for now, to remove this one
light is to make your polygon (much) bigger. Regards, Boris

Ok, I will try again. I had tried re-sizing the polygon and make it larger but
the light was still there. I didn’t try big enough possibly. Previously I had
made a huge one that took out way more lights than I wanted and that one light
was still visible. While this may be a solution to getting rid of that one
light it does not seem that is the best solution. I guess I can take the time
and place my own lights in areas that I had not planned to.