SDK 20.1 Missing variables

Hello, After updating the SDK to 20.1, some variables have disappeared or
haven’t been added. See the screenshot. I invite other developers to reply to
this thread if they witness other cases.
Also, ADF2_VOLUME_SET is not in
the documentation but now exists

Plus, PILOT_TRANSMITTER_SET (and Copilot version too) has changed. What if
none channel is selected to transmit? Which is possible in real life. Prior to
this version, 4 meant None. I’d suggest to put 0 as None, 1 as COM1 and so on.
Also, when setting Pilot version, the Copilot version is updated with Pilot

Up on this. Please check NAVX_VOLUME_SET too

Hello @jsb - ADF2_VOLUME_SET is in the flighting documentation Aircraft
Radio Navigation Events

- PILOT_TRANSMITTER_SET has not changed. None is still channel 4 and the
event callback hasn’t changed either. I’ll run some tests to repro the problem
you mentioned - NAVX_VOLUME_SET are deprecated and you want to use
NAVX_VOLUME_SET_EX1 , as indicated in the flighting documentation -
MARKER_SOUND_SET and RADIO_ DME3/4_IDENT_SET events you mentioned
are not exposed yet and will be in future updates. Regards, Sylvain

Thank you very much. Regarding ADFX_VOLUME_SET, I still cannot set the volume
with a value between 0 and 1. Regarding PILOT_TRANSMITTER, the documentation
has changed, hence my question.

You are right, the documentation is wrong. ADFX_VOLUME_SET takes a value
between 0 and 100 PILOT_TRANSMITTER is obviously missing the entry 4 for None
@Nocturne will fix this. Thank you for reporting the problem. Regards, Sylvain

Alright, indeed I had to multiply by 100. Thanks a lot!
PILOT_TRANSMITTER_SET keeps setting the copilot too though.

Hello @jsb We are tracking this issue and a fix will come in upcoming updates
(not SU11) Regards, Sylvain