SDK Clarification needed for these duplicate lines - FlightModel

I recently discovered there are duplicates of important information regarding
Flight Model Stability Attributes. I used to tweak using the Legacy Page. But
SimTuning also shows the same attributes, but with completely different
values? Which is the impostor here? Are Both interacting? It was hard enough
to understand those when it was just one of each. Now two… It’s gonna make
me go bald :slight_smile:

Hey, My guess is that the reason why the values are different is going to be
the same than the one that made me think there might be a bug with the CD0. I
think the legacy value are straight from the file, and the other values are
calculated during the normalisation process. I have to experiment more with
the CD0, because I cannot get the values I want in the sim and there is always
a difference between my manual calculations made in Excel and the results I
get in the sim. I might open another question about the CD0.

Oh and this CD0 problem is making me pull my hair too…

I followed your Drag Question, and it was a very relevant one, and a very
important discovery came from it. The Normalization process failing sometimes
was never mentioned on the SDK, and it’s something we didn’t know to keep our
eyes looking for it. Very good information for sure! In this, something
similar seems to be happening, because of the same pattern of ‘New’, and ‘FSX’
values. But it’s very strange because these lines have some data that doesnt
make any sense compared to the Legacy Page, where the values seem reasonable.
This is where I feel the SDK could be more clear.

Hello, “Something weird in the documentation” sounds like a mission for
@Nocturne ! Or at least we’ll do some digging and tell you why there’s this
difference between same values. Have a good day,

In the case of my question, I’m not convinced that the normalisation was
failing. I have asked a new question to have more details about drag
calculations because I cannot make any sense of them at the moment, except for
the calculation of the FSX and Total NEW values next to Base Cd0 in the Sim
Tuning debug window.

Hello @Alec246 The legacy page was missing some important information, there
are scalars applied to those values. This will be displayed in SU6:

Regards, Sylvain

But this makes a WORLD of difference!! Please let such cases very clearly
known in further Updates :slight_smile: