SDK description of flight model physics

The SDK section on flight model physics states:

Note that the following geometrical parameters can be prescribed but are used
only for debug or gauges indications:

  • Wing dihedral
  • Wing position vertical apex
  • Wing position longitudinal apex
  • Wing position reference chord
  • Wing CG reference chord
  • Wing sweep
  • Wing twist

I assume this is just not updated for the MSFS modern flight model? There are
other section of the SDK that do not seem to reflect the MSFS modern flight
model as well, correct?

Hello! You are correct that that section is no longer a reflection of the
current flight model, and that it will be removed from the next update. I
would also point out that the whole page on the flight model physics needs a
review as it hasn’t been updated in some time, so we’ll see about getting that
done ASAP. As for other sections of the SDK that are out of date, I would
appreciate it if you could elaborate and let us know which sections you think
they are. With the exception of that page on the physics - which hasn’t been
updated in a long time, unfortunately - the rest of the SDK information
should be correct.