SDK Documentation errors in g-limit descriptions

There are some errors in the online SDK for the description of the positive and negative g-limits in the [Airplane Geometry] section:

  1. The dimension should be g’s, not ft/sec. This was mentioned in both FCS PARAMETERS and Positive_g_limit_flaps_up etc are documented oddly, but is still not fixed.

  2. The statement that the aircraft will crash if it reaches the g-limit calculated by this number is misleading. It does not say the the g-limit leading to a structural failure is calculated by multiplying the g-limit specified here by the parameter, “load_safety_factor,” nor does the description of the “load_safety_factor” parameter state how that parameter is used. (As apparent in the screenshot in the response to FCS PARAMETERS, there used to be a reference to “scaling” the limit load factors by the load safety factor, but that seems to have been removed.

Not only are the airplane structures certified to withstand limit loads without detrimental permanent deformation or any deformation that interferes with safe operation, the structure must be able to withstand up to ultimate loads (limit load factor multiplied by the safety factor). Therefore, structural failure should not occur until the load factors exceeds the limit load factors times the load safety factor.

  1. The link provided for “Overstress Damage” leads to an error page that says the requested content does not exist.