SDK Documentation nowhere to be found after installation... until I trick it

I installed the SDK. Naturally, I was begging for trouble by selecting a non-
standard installation location, but it is an available button in the
installer and the default has an annoying space in the name (as well as a
location in C’s root), so there you are. SDK installed fine into
“C:\FS\MSFS_SDK”. Next, I ran the Documentation installer, but it gave neither
errors nor any findable results. Trying to “Repair” the installation didn’t
work either. Being of a rather suspicious mindset with regard to installers
that don’t ask for anything but confirmation, and having nothing better to do
on this first day of the year, I created the “C:\MSFS SDK” default
installation directory, “uninstalled” the documentation (which felt redundant
but keeps the Windows administration happy) and then re-installed. My first
suspicion (it would always be installed in the default location) turned out to
be wrong but now the documentation turned up in my chosen location! Could it
be the installer has a failure path starting at the checking for the default
installation path, that will result in nothing being installed if that
directory doesn’t exist? Even if it isn’t used? Cheers, Bert

“Curiouser and curiouser!” Cried Alice (she was so much surprised, that for
the moment she quite forgot how to speak good English).”

Hello @bert.laverman I’ve just tested on my side and didn’t face the issue.
The documentation was properly added to my custom installation path. Can you
confirm %MSFS_SDK% is leading to the appropriate directory? Regards,

Oh, is that environment variable the determining factor rather than a registry
key? I just checked and found I had two of them, one as “System variable” and
the other as “User variable”. One was pointing at the old location. (forgot
which, sorry) and I may have fixed it somewhere during the (re)installs. If
you are indeed dependent on this, then please make it explicit, for example by
showing it in the installation dialog. Currently, the MSI installer does not
show anything WRT the installation path. Bert