SDK - Model matching Rules

When MSFS first launched, there was a limited number of know ASOBO planes, and
therefore Model Matching in MP was not that complex. Now, over a year later,
there are a large number of new and varied aircraft, and the Model matching in
MSFS seems not to be able to handle logical matching. It does not help 3rd
party developers, that there is little or no SDK document ion about how the
Model matching has been designed to work. or how to ensure that their new
plane fits correctly into the Model matching rule (whatever they are). So
please consider: (1) Providing adequate SDK document \ion to define the Model
matching rules (2) Re-examine the model matching system, to ensure it meets
current needs, and provides a logical match of current and future plane types
(and Helicopters and Gliders) , and their liveries.

This is becoming more and more important. There doesn’t seem to be any sort of
model matching in multiplayer unless the title is 100% exact making it really
stupid most of the time.

Maybe time stop worrying about 2020 Model matching. it is what it is (or isn’t)

In fact, the design is so flawed, it will have to be re-designed for 2024 :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

My hope is that it will also be able to handle planes with the same ICAO code, but with different configurations/models

ie ICAO code C172 with physically very different physical characteristics

  • Wheel
  • SKI
  • Float
  • Tundra