SDK TaxiwayPoint on One-click placing its not working

Hi When i want place TaxiwayPoint on One-click placing its not working …
Mouse not showing anything ! Can you Help

Look … nothing showing on mouse!

Yes, I haven’t gotten this to work either since I got back to scenery editing
a few months ago. It used to be, if I pre-selected a taxiway point, then
turned this option on and started clicking, it would automatically create
taxipaths when adding the new taxiway points by clicking (with single click
turned on). Doesn’t seem to work that way anymore. Now, instead, I create a
point at the end of where I want to go, then create a taxipath between two
points. Then split that path over and over to create my desired full taxipath
with all points I need.

This is what I did, but it takes some time :frowning: i wish they fix it

Yes, One-click placing doesn’t work anymore, use CTRL+click to place