SDK teams' involvement with Encryption

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please/585873/3> For the Premium and Deluxe planes, as well as for planes on
the MS Marketplace :- (1) Who is it that decides what gets encrypted. Asobo or
Microsoft ? (2) Who would be the ones to make a request to, that the Premium
Deluxe planes , (when next updated), have their Encrypted Models exported from
3D Max with the “Unique Identity Bit” set, so that, (without breaking any
encryption), 3PDs would be able to add to the existing model, with sub models
etc etc, and correct and enhance those Premium & Deluxe planes, that could
certainly do with some Updating, to bring them up to todays’ expected level
and standards, of what one could call a “PREMIUM” MSFS plane. Not expecting
that export changes for all 3PD planes on the MS Market, but at least for the
Premium, Deluxe, and maybe the other MS & Asobo Planes.

Just want include some info that may changes the entire outlook on your
question. All the planes that you just mentioned most likely are also included
in Xbox version and those we have no access to the files. I am pretty sure
Asobo is the one creating the encryption tool and the market place is using
the tool. But it’s most likely MS who is deciding on exactly which files to
encrypt. I am pretty sure they are not going to change that due to security.