SDK V0.19.0.3 ILS issue

I am wondering if anyone else has this issue… I am working on FACT Cape Town
International that is about finished. My beta team is now beta testing the
package, but I cannot get the ILS’es to work! This is not my first rodeo and I
have designed several airports with ILS’es which all work and have been added
to the Market Place. The ILS’es for both runways are defined in the editor. I
have double checked that they exist in the airport XML file and they do. The
airport compiles normally with NO errors at all. When I position myself at the
end of the runway, and tune to the ILS frequency of that runway; nothing
happens! It is as if the ILS’es is not even there! The other end of the runway
does the same if you tune to that frequency. There is only one thing left I
can do and that is to uninstall V0.19.0.3 of the SDK and re-install V0.18.0.0
of the SDK. Maybe that will work? Has anyone else experienced this problem? I
know that there are several guys having issues with the new SDK; one even
calling it “unusable”! I would like to know if anyone else has the same

Ok, it is a bug… Don’t turn on deleteAllILSs in the airport delete menu
and you will be fine. If you turn it on as before, then MSFS will delete all
the ILS’es, even the custom ones you have created! It appears that one of the
developers have turned the switch upside down on this! Oh, Microsoft, never
ever change! :slight_smile:

Is this issue being looked at ?

Hello @Space.Baron and @virtuali This issue is not related to SDK but to the
game exe. It has been fixed for SU11. Do you still encounter the issue in the
current flighting build? Regards, Sylvain

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