SDK: We refactored WASM support to allow for easier integration of extensions

Hi, The latest dev blog mentions this but I fail to find any information about
it here. [[BLOG] February 24th, 2022 Development Update - Community / News and
Announcements - Microsoft Flight Simulator
february-24th-2022-development-update/500868) @SonantAlpaca, @FlyingRaccoon
Can you please explain what this is about? Thank you!

Hi RXP, This is mostly internal work that will allow us to expose new
capabilities through WASM in an easier and more streamlined way. It doesn’t
change anything for developers using the platform (except that we hope it will
make new APIs come through a bit faster). Best regards, Eric / Asobo

Hi Eric, This is great, thanks for the feedback. Regards, Raul

Thanks for the feedback Eric. I’m wondering what kind of “new APIs” you’re
thinking of and I hope you could shed some light of what you’re currently

will it allow Existing products to finally be published on Xbox platform ?

@EPellissier, is there any news you could share and get us excited about?

I’d rather Asobo just froze the WASM capabilities and concentrated on the new
web-connected technologies available today. WASM is cool but it has 0.001% of
the V8 engine market share (the other 99.999% is Javascript). I made those
numbers up but IMHO it’s time we stopped worrying about porting FSX C++ code
into MSFS. Sorry.

I am not porting FSX code into MSFS, I am using C++ to create advance
simulation code which would pretty much imposible via .XML and not very
efficient via .JS. WASM has its use… R.

Cool! What does the advanced code do?

Search for the Sting S4 for MSFS trailer… :wink