[SDK19] Errors in 3DS

Dear Asobo, I installed the latest SDK and new projects are working perfect,
however I just opened an old project and the following error was displayed:

I can click continue, but dunno how this would affect the project? can you
guys advise?

Best, Raul

Just touching all bases here, but have you verified that those textures are
still in the directory where they are expected to be?

Those are files that belong to the MSFS SDK not textures that belong to muy
projects per say, as it a material I configured with to use that… all my all
projects are complaining about this. So something changed with the SDK… R.

@FlyingRaccoon any chance this can be checked? I am worried about my previous
projects, I am leaving them without being touche for now, but I need to update
a couple of them in the upcoming weeks and this concerns me a bit… Thanks,

Hello @Simbol Can you check your *C:\MSFS

directory? I assume those files where moved on our side but the older path are
somehow saved in your projects created with previous SDK version. Regards,

ahh I see, ok I will check tonight and re-direct the paths to the new area.
Thanks for the tip. Raul

@FlyingRaccoon just to confirm indeed the files were moved. Thanks, Raul