[SEA PLANES] Retractable Floats

Hi, my aircraft have retractable float and as i see there is simvar to control
it but, when i set an extend and a retract time to a float, the contact point
simply disapear… What do you think is it actually possible and simulated in
the sim? Or do i have to simply create a custom code for my floats animation,
and stay with a stationary float? It’s not really realistic if the floats are
in high position and I land with the aircraft… Thank you in advance for your

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Contact points can’t animate but they can be instantly changed from retracted
to extended as that is how the main gear work. I am not sure about floats. But
set it up just like gear then test. For the visuals you can always animate

Hello @Jimmy_BlueMesh Retractable floats are handled by the sim but there are
a few tricks: - You must have at least a wheel contact point defined for the
floats reaction to be evaluated. So if your aircraft doesn’t have any, define
a fake one placed in a position where it will not interfere. - You have to
to control their position. (these don’t have corresponding entries in the
control option menu as far as I can see) The RETRACT FLOAT SWITCH simvar
has 3 position: 1(extend)/0(neutral)/-1(retract) Let us know if that solves
your problem. Regards, Sylvain

Hi @FlyingRaccoon It’s ok, it works now, I have a two-position switch that
correctly controls the floats in and out. Thanks for the wheel contact point

@FlyingRaccoon I have one more question. I would like my floats to be deployed
when I am in the hangar or on the water. Unfortunately I have not found any
parameters to define the position of the float for my .flt .

If you control their animation using a LocalVar and then set that value in the
FLT you’re golden.

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I’ve got working everything i wanted in my Late 631 with some tricks using Lvar and Bvars. And so i’ve set the default value in the flt yes :smiley: