[SEA PLANES] Set Retractable Floats in Hangar.flt and RunwayWater.flt

Hi, i’m actually trying to set my retratable floats in the Hangar.flt and also
RunwayWater.flt . I’ve try this: hangar.flt :



                    (L:BALLONNETS_DOWN) if {
                        100 (>A:RETRACT LEFT FLOAT EXTENDED, percent)
                        100 (>A:RETRACT RIGHT FLOAT EXTENDED, percent) and
                        1 (>A:RETRACT FLOAT SWITCH, bool) and

But it doesn’t work, I am interested in any idea or help ^^ Have a great day.

Jimmy, try to get rid of the space after if so it is as below:
(L:BALLONNETS_DOWN) if{ Hope that helps. Jerome