Seaplane Base - how to make an airport appear as such on the map?

I have a main airport (CYYJ) which has a seaplane base near it (CAP5). I
created a new airport in the package, it has a water runway (transparent, with
both ends designator “water”), taxiway path, hold short point and a DOCK_GA -
all on the water. However on the map it doesn’t appear at all, until I search
for specific designator CAP5, and only then it appears on the map, but still
only as a normal airport symbol, not with an anchor icon, like other seaplane
bases are. What am I doing wrong, how do I make it appear as a seaplane base?
Here’s what I see after searching for it:

Note the runway looks like
land, not water (I selected both designators as “water”, is there anything
else I should do?) And here’s how another seaplane base appears on the map at
the same zoom factor. This is what I want to achieve in mine. Is it possible
at all to have 2 airports in teh same package? It looks possible, but why am I
not seeing the second one properly?
If I don’t search for CAP5 and
just soom into CYYJ, or if I search for CYYJ - the water runway does not
appear at all.

OK. I think I got it. It was one of the two things I did: 1. Reduced the
airport area to the minimum (400+meters, it resets to that with any smaller
number) and moved it so the area is exclusively over water. 2. Assign runway
a “Water” material. Just making it transparent with no material or any other
material makes it a regular runway. Assignin water to it, and making it
transparent - makes it a transparent water runway Now there is an anchor icon
over that area, and it also appears on the map without explicitly searching
for it.

Hello @RomanDesign , Indeed, 2. is the solution. Regards, Boris