Select "Stair" or "Jetway" at Parking-Type "Gate"

Hey Guys, as we learned over here
( Gate only serve Jetways and
do not spawn stairs. To get stairs you are required to set the type to
parking. It would be great if we could get the option to select jetway/stair
for the type “Gate”. I do understand your idea with gates are jetway only and
everything without jetway is parking, but the current ATC is lacking behind
this idea… While for AI it is more or less unimportant if gate/parking -
ATC will select mostly based on Parking Code and Radius, for the user this is
far more harder. When landing the user has to decide “Gate” or “Parking”, i
guess most users will use gate by default when flying with A320/747/787. This
will exclude any spot with type “parking” for them to be sent to. I ran into
this issue over at LFSB (self made modification). Landing as EasyJet (with
parking code in fltism and airport-mod), I selected “Gate”, in end end I
eneded up in a non EasyJet gate, while all gates where blocked. But there
would have been some open “parking” spots for EasyJet. Kai

Yes, it will improve the AI space… And users experience, specially now that
many new airlirners are coming to the Msfs space.

This is super important at airports like KACK, which do not have jetways, but
service large airliners like A320’s. I wanted to create some airliner gates at
the airport for these airlines like JetBlue and Delta that service the airport
in the summer, and others for the smaller feeders that use KACK like Cape Air,
but I couldn’t set them up as gates. I even tried to set some of them up as
GA_LARGE spots in hopes it would attract A320 AI and static parked airliners,
but, instead I get C172’s in my gates even though they are 32m radius and
larger… sigh.

Ramp/Parking will work, when the fltsim entry is set to
atc_parking_type=GATE,RAMP we use this for our AI already with now issues

Isn’t it a question of naming the parking spot? In the properties every
parking type can be named as Gate, Parking, Dock, East/West Parking, etc. So
you can have a GA_RAMP named as GATE and vice-versa. In theory the pilot
arriving can ask for Gates, East/West Parkings, Parkings, Docks ect. and the
ATC directs him accordingly.

Good question. I’m still learning about parking. Based on a comment from
@Boris1 in another thread, I’m now confused about
the purpose of the fields in parking. He said one of the fields is only used
to help organize fields in the project, and isn’t actually used for anything,
so now I have to investigate this deeper. I also learned that you can delete
the gate at a gate, so that’s an answer, too.