Selecting and moving multiple objects as a group is broken in the scenery editor

If I selected multiple objects and duplicate them in the scenery editor in SU9
you could then translate and rotate the group as a single object. In SU10beta
sdk 0.19 you can still select multiple objects and duplicate them but the 3
axis origin gizmo no longer appears to translate or rotate them Kev

Hello @Photosbykev I was not able to reproduce this behavior Can you post a
video showing this, please? Thanks Regards, Boris

Certainly, give me 30 minutes or so. Kev

Update: this problem seems to have cleared itself Boris. It occurred on a
fresh installation of Windows 10 and the SU10b which I did on Monday.
Yesterday I couldn’t select and move multiple objects, today I can and nothing
has changed so I don’t know what was happening. Feel free to delete this
message thread if you wish. Kev