[SERIOUS BUG] Using the latest SDK none of my WASM Modules compile

Dear Asobo, With the latest SDK none of my WASM modules are compiling under VS
2017. The error is posted in the picture below and can be replicated by
opening the sample stand alone WASM module in the SDK The error reads:
MSFS\Debug\Module.obj in item list “Link” does not define a value for metadata

This is
preventing me to move forward, I will revert to the previous SDK where things
were working ( since I keep a copy of the installer, however with
that version I think I will be unable to perform any debugs steps with MSFS.
Can someone advice what I could to to repair the latest SDK so projects can
compile as usual? Thanks in advance, Raul

Hello Raul, Thanks for reporting the issue which is a bug indeed in our Visual
Studio 2017 Platform Toolset. We will issue an SDK update but in the meantime
you can do the following: 1/ Open the file “C:\MSFS
SDK\WASM\vs\2017\Microsoft.Cpp.MSFS.Common.targets” in any Text Editor (the
path may change if you installed the SDK in a non-default location) 2/ Line
501, you will find the following line:

        OutputFile                     ="%(ActualOutputPath)"

2/ Replace it with:

        OutputFile                     ="$(ActualOutputPath)"

Everything should now work as expected - please let us know if this isn’t the
case. As a side note, please note that the VS2019 and VS2022 toolsets are not
affected. Best regards, Eric / Asobo

Hi Eric, Perfect many thanks, I will re-install the latest SDK tonight again
and apply this fix. Thanks for the steps. Best, Raul

Hi Eric, Just confirming this works, many thanks for looking into this. I
cannot upgrade to VS2022 yet, this as a stop gap helps me until I can update
later. Best, R.