Set LVar value to 1 without update code?

Is there a way that I can set a LocalVar to a value of 1 without relying on
update code in the XML? I need to pass a 1 for an LVar in my scenery simobject
when a certain condition is met, to tie it into a Wwise sound, however Update
Code does not seem to work outside of aircraft, and those are the only
examples I can find, so I’m unsure how to go about setting this value… Using
my current update code, I can see the LVar in the Behaviors menu in sim, but
the value is stuck to 0. _ 30 (A:AMBIENT TEMPERATURE, celsius) 10 <= if{ 1
(>L:CAMPFIRE_ACTIVE) } els{ 0 (>L:CAMPFIRE_ACTIVE) } _ Any ideas? (I am
aware that I can use a SimVar in the Wwise XML for this A:var, but I still
need this L:var method to work for other SimObjects!) Edit: Also, why
couldn’t you use some code like the following to make this work? Maybe my XML
structure isn’t right, but even something as simple as this, that I would
think would work does not: _ (A:AMBIENT TEMPERATURE, celsius) 10 <= if{ 1 (L:CAMPFIRE_ACTIVE) } _

Hello @Rotornut44 , L:vars are for user only and they have some limitations
You can try with W:vars instead to trigger the wwise event I don’t think there
is another option, Regards, Boris

What would be the proper tag to use in the soundai.xml (SimVarSounds,
AlwaysPlaySounds, etc.) when you don’t want the sound to play unless called?
Using with a fake Lvar is seemingly the only way to make the sound not play
automatically, but that doesn’t seem to work with my current code. So, what
would be the proper way to call the W:var if I want it to only call that var
when a E:var condition is met? _ 30 (A:AMBIENT TEMPERATURE, celsius) 10 <= if{
1 (>W:bees) } els{ 0 (>W:bees) } _ (A:var just used as example)

Z:Vars work on non aircraft simobjects

Good to know, but I’m not sure that I can use a Z:var in my current situation,
as I still need to call a Wwise event, which seems to only be possible with L
& W:vars. Though, L doesn’t work for scenery, and W doesn’t seem to be
documented other than it’s basic description under Variable Types in the
RPN section of the SDK docs.