Setting throttle in DC-6

I’m trying to set the throttle of the DC-6 using SimConnect, and while I can
trivially throttle up or down using a throttle quadrant controller nothing
seems to work in simconnect. I tried
GENERAL_ENG_THROTTLE_LEVER_POSITION:index for 1 through 4, this works just
fine in other aircraft but not the DC-6. I tried THROTTLE SET and AXIS THROTTLE SET, I tried AXIS_THROTTLE_PLUS, just nothing seems to work. What
arcane combination of events and variables does it need set? =)

Probably not a SDK question, but PMDG use lots of custom variables, in my profile I use DC6_51?_OBJ for the throttle axis, where ? = 1-4 for
engines 1-4.

Hm, even then, those should ultimately tie back into the master throttle
controls though, unless the DC-6 intentionally ignores the SDK master
variables =(

As I understand it, there’s no requirement to link to the master variables if
you use custom variables. But I’m not an aircraft expert.

fair enough. Guess I’ll try to contact PMDG because a plane that can’t be
controlled by addons is like… half a plane =S

Well I’ve managed to map a lot of their variables to my peripherals using - had to dig around in the model.xml file and do a fair bit of
experimentation, but got all the controls that I needed mapped.

That… doesn’t help when using SimConnect, though? There are no
“peripherals”, just code, calling SimConnect, to set SimConnect variables.