Several ideas at once

Hello all, I’m Ronny and I’ve been busy for some time now with the creation of
the airfield in Coburg “EDQC”. There are a few things in the SDK that are
causing me problems. 1st - The airfield EDQC has two runways. One asphalt for
engine aircraft and one grass for gliders. My suggestion would be to make the
glider runway only usable for gliders and to close it for engine aircraft via
a selection in the runway properties. So that on approach the correct runway
is assigned by the tower. 2nd - The aerodrome operators at EDQC treat the
glider runway as “12 grass” and “30 grass”. Would it be possible to add
“grass” to the designator selection? 3rd - Is it possible to create a way to
set the day/night cycle for light presets in the airport properties? 4th -
Terraforming is also a bit difficult. Especially at EDQC, where it goes up and
down everywhere. Unfortunately, you can only work in one axis with the
rectangles and the profile line. Changing the height of polygon points or
creating a U/V network in which nodes can be moved would be really great here.
Perhaps something of this can be implemented in the SDK in the future. It will
soon be Christmas :wink: best regards Ronny from Coburg