Severe flickering of airport lights with NVIDIA DLSS Enabled

After lots of customers complaining, it seems we’re getting massive flickering
of custom lights with DLSS enabled. With DLSS disabled, lights look as
intended. The material is just a standard material with Emissive enabled, Day
night cycle enabled. MSFS v1.30.7.0 Please advise, thank you.

Hello @AgentMir , Can you take a screenshot of your graphics settings and post
it here ? As I was not able to reproduce this, can you send us your package
please ? [See 3) Provide Private Content
crash.html) Regards, Boris

Thank you. Content provided. FYI the issue only occurs at “full night”, not
dawn or dusk…

Hi @AgentMir , Thank you for the package and the details, I will let you know
when I have more information about this. Regards, Boris

Hello, @AgentMir , I checked with the dev and this is an issue we are aware
of. This the case for all lights (sceneries / aircrafts… ) when using DLSS.
Fixing this would require a complete overhaul of this implementation and this
is not planned in the short term. You can reduce the effect by reducing the
intensity of the light. This will not solve the issue but it should make it
less noticeable. Regards, Boris