Shadowing bug above wings

Hi team. I wanted to see if you are aware of a strange shadow effect above the
wing root. Without giving away what we’re working on here’s a screen shot ( e.
The model has no textures yet so this is not being caused by any reflections.
I drew an arrow showing the direction of the sun. Based on the direction, this
part of the wing should have no shadow at all.
Thanks, Sherv

That looks to me to be ambient occlusion, if I had to guess.

Agreed. @Sherv You can confirm that through the
DevMode options menu and display only ambient occlusion

Thanks guys for the quick response. When I turn on AO, all I see is a white
screen. I don’t see anything where the shadow should be. Am I looking for
anything specific? Thanks

On the A320, AO will look like this:

You can see the wing root is
darker, just like in your screenshot. This is visible even with the ambient
occlusion graphics option set to off.

Ok gotcha. Not sure if I was clear on my original post, my model has no
texture mapping at all. I am just exporting the mesh into the sim for
analysis. In that case I would think the AO would just be all white like I was
seeing? Thanks

Ambient occlusion is not something that is part of the texture. It is computed
based on the estimate of how much ambient light could potentially reach an
area, in a shader. Since the wing/root corner area can be occluded from
ambient light, that is why it appears darker.

Thanks Matt for the explanation :). The calculations that go into AO are way
above my head lol. However do you think that effect is correct in that area?
It seems unusual that the sim would render that area significantly darker than
its surroundings. It’s not too big of an issue . I think with the application
of textures the effect gets reduced.

Ambient occlusion comes from both what’s defined in a PBR material when you
provide one and the Screen Space Ambient Occlusion, a post effect computed by
the game at runtime. Of course, it will be far less noticeable when your
aircraft will be textured. Regards, Sylvain