Shape Vegetations

I try to correct the vegetation free of charge in fairly large areas such as Reunion Island, which is 2,500 km2. 
For that I use global mapper and the data "IGN BD TOPO" which is open data. 
After transformation into epsg 4326 I use the "MSFS Toolkit from Nool Aerosystems" for "attributes" then "Uuid", great tool, thanks to him ! 
Of course I also create a global exclude file of the existing vegetation. 
I make the attribute changes with "Open Office Calc". 
1 / The global exclude works very well, but we must at least cut with Global to map the 2500 km2 in tiles of 0.1 degree. 
2 / For the shapes of vegetation I try a global file for the 2500 km2, the compilation works and I can visualize in the FSX tmf viewer the success of the compilation, unfortunately while the BGL only makes 64 MB loading MSFS gets stuck at about 60%. 
If I cut the file into a 0.1 degree tile and compile 6 or 8 of them, MSFS loads without a problem and the new vegetation is in place but with a few splice strips of tile remaining blank. And if I switch to more tiles unfortunately the MSFS also gets stuck when it is launched. 

First question: Why is the global vegetation file of 64 MB blocking MSFS, Is there a limitation on the size of the vector bgl? 

Second question: Why, while in Global Mapper the slicing in 0.1 degrees does not show a cut between the tiles, in MSFS virgin bands of vegetation appear at certain junctions.

Thank you

Hello, About your first question, no size limitations as long as you follow
the bgl format spec. Can you provide us with your package so I can further
investigate? For the second question, did you try to open your project using
the devmode to check your tiles layout? Regards, Sylvain

Hello, i will send you my package so you can see this. 
I have a package for the exclusion of vegetation and then for comparison a package with vegetation in one shape and another in cut shape. 
The global vegetation package crashes MSFS at 15% but the compilation seen with tmfviewver is correct with no holes. 
With the shape tile package and with all the bgl, MSFS also blocks at 15% and with tmfviewer there are holes in the vegetation. 
If I run MSFS with only 2 bgl MSFS loads slowly but correctly, on the other hand in devmode I have 2 fps and all the polygons grouped in the middle, see photo. Could you give me an email address to send you a file sharing link?

You can put the link as a private comment only visible by moderators

From what I’ve learnt… polygons can’t have holes Convert layers from
multiparts to singleparts Include z dimension (multipolygonZ) Use encoding
cp1251 projection epsg 4326. As for the tiling issue, global mapper gives this
result when using the export to tiles feature so what I do is use an index
shapefile and clip the scenery from that which gives a better result. However,
with SU5 there’s something causing issues with the processing of the biomes
file for custom scenery and I am trying to figure out what that could be but
Microsoft/Asobo have not helped with this problem yet. I trust you know what
you are doing but what I can suggest is to create a blank project in the
project editor then you can sort of reverse engineer the design and compare
with what you’ve done thats how I started, that way you have a working package
to work with from the start. But it seems we’re all facing issues with this
part of scenery development at the moment. P. S if you want to send me a link
I can have a look at the source data and see if I can detect the problem. I’m
very familiar with GIS processing and have been doing this for some years.

Thank you for your help, I share with you the link of my files. I have looked for the configuration of my shapes with GM, it seems to me that this is correct but maybe something escapes me. in any case the .DBF is identical to the .DBF made with the DevMode. If I have time today I will see if in reverse engineering on some shapes made in DevMode then reworked with GM then MSToolKit the problem appears.

Here’s a link to a discussion in FSDeveloper: