Shapes (aka polygon) attribute changes

just to point out some new quirks( undocumented, yeah) if someone needs it: -
the polygons attributes files structure appears to have changed bit, now only
the attributes changed over the defaults are being written in the respective
attribute table database (.dbf), and the .xml complies with this behaviour -
i used to keep my shapes in different packagesources folders (one folder for
buildings, one for vegetation). The output folder was unique for all my
assets- before su6, compilation was fine and i had a bgl for every xml, with
the name of the xml. With the SU6, my shapes get compiled with a strange name
like CVX0002.bgl, worse, since both shapes are saved with this name, they get
overwritten, and only one survives in the final package (i know that because
of the file size) workaround nr.1: using different output folders for the 2
different shape files generates the proper bgl, but name is still the same
CVX0002.bgl (althought ther xml is completely different), i hate having
duplicate file names, but it works, so, yeah, great workaround nr.2: merging
the shapes in a unique vector file (i use qgis but any gis could work),
requires some extra work to fill the proper attributes before merging, but
this is the best solution, the (now unique) compiled file gets the correct
name (from its xml). This is the way the in sim sdk saves the polygon

Hi Mamudesign, It looks like a weird bug, what is the name of your shapefiles
? Is it possible to send us your project (with only your shapefiles) ?
Regards, Xavier

+1. Have the same problematic for merging shape files. Using different shape
files for a package works correctly, but when opening the project in the SDK,
only the content of one shape file is visible and taken into account.

I think the same goes for any scenery XML if you have multiple files. I use
separate XMLs for different kinds of objects. They compile file outside the
sim (didn’t try in the sim), but if I open a project in the sim I see objects
only from the first file.

Thanks Xavier, of course, where can I mail that? (really not urgent because
the workarounds mentioned above and not needed for any paid project, here are
other developers in line that need some fixes or they can sell their product!)