Sim crashing when I try to add a model

Hello all I’m going crazy already because I can’t understand why I can’t add
some of my models (which were created like any other models before), in the
Package Sources. I can copy/paste the model in the Package Sources, but then,
if I open the sim and try to Build Package, sim simply crashes. If I’m
starting sim without this specific model, clicking Build Package behaves
normal. With sim started, and project window opened, if I copy/paste this
specific model into Package Sources folder crashes the sim almost instantly.
This isn’t happening with other models. I thought it can be because of many
polygons/bones, but I managed to import models with much more. Also I’ve tried
to remove all others models and leave just this specific object - the issue
persist. Hope that someone can help me with this, Thank you! download

that’s the error thrown by the fspackagetool compiler (btw, when you have
issue with a model, the fspackagetool is more helpful and doesn’t require a
sim start) maybe your “leaves” (cypress has leaves)? are not attached to the
trunk? it’s the first time i see this error

ty, @mamudesign for the effort trying to help
the thing is I have another cypress (I think they more look like leaves rather
than needles) tree which was made by the same method, and it works fine… and
here is what my fspackagetool.exe gives

Maybe you have launched the fspackagetool to the model …xml? It needs to be
lauched in the project .xml (where you modelLib is placed)

yep, you’re right… aaaand, now I have the same error like in your screenshot

Hello @mihafly Thank you for providing the file.
We’ll investigate the cause of the crash and will let you know if there’s
anything wrong in your gltf file or if the problem is solely on game’s side.
Regards, Sylvain

@mihafly We have identified the problem. We were
not processing a bone hierarchy beyond a depth of 100 and you hit that limit
with this particular tree model. The crash was caused by a bad handling of
model data in that case. The depth limit will be increased to 1000 and the
crash will be fixed. Thank you for reporting the issue. Regards, Sylvain

Thank you! Hope this will not take long.