SimConnect AI Aircraft waypoints

Hello, Overviewing SDK SimConnect samples of AITraffic - there is an example
of AI Aircraft to follow waypoints. However - it only works when aircraft is
airborne and aircraft doesn’t taxi by providing ground waypoints. Is there any
chance to fix it as it was in FSX and P3D? AI aircraft is able to follow
waypoints on ground and airborne accordingly + performing necessary takeoff
landing when next waypoint is on ground and vise versa. Also, is there any
workaround to do that? Thanks

see here: sadly no fix yet…

The question is what are workarounds for that? For example I’ve managed
somehow to workaround ground movement, takeoff and airborne. Regarding
landings - the airplane just lands whenever it want to, it’s not predictable.

I have put any development/investigation in that area on hold for now, till
the bug is fixed by ASOBO. With so many changes to the AI system at the moment
I have the feeling that a workaround might only work till one of the next

Hello Asobo.

Does the 4 months without any response at all to this question equal the
amount of how much you care about the OP’s problem?

Is it fair to leave him and his product in total darkness like this?

@FlyingRaccoon Hey Sylvain, could this issue
be related to the issue that spanwed “humans” (default SimObjects) remaining
at the spawn-point as well (they aslo change to “moving mode” but do not move?
I observed this issue last weekend, but had not time to make an own report
with sample code - if needed I can create one this weekend.

This would have to be investigated. As I answered in the original post, the
issue was added to our backlog but we didn’t have time to have look yet. We
have spent some time on traffic improvement, but we focused the effort on
airborne aircraft traffic which I’m sure you will understand. Regards, Sylvain

Hey, fully understanding the focus on airborn traffic for now. Will get you a
bug report for the non moving humans ready this weekend with some code.

This was worked-around on our side. Hopefully, Asobo will not mess it up in
their next releases.

At least, kindly asking you not to mess up existing buggy behavior. Took me
months to work-around proper aircraft landing! It’s easier to land Apollo on
the moon!