SimConnect_AICreateSimulatedObject for AI and User Aircraft

Currently only Dynamic SimObjects are allowed (per the SDK) to be created
using SimConnect_AICreateSimulatedObject. FSX and P3D allow Aircraft
SimObjects to be created this way and waypoints added. I currently have a
program that an create animals, but exception errors on creating Aircraft.
szContainerTitle| Null-terminated string containing the container title.
The container title is case-sensitive and can be found in the
sim.cfg file.
NOTE : Only Dynamic SimObjects can receive “AI Waypoint” data via
| String

Your description is totally confusing: are you suggesting a new idea (which is
what exactly), do you have a problem with assigning waypoints to non-dynamic
objects, or are you simply struggling with creating aircrafts in general? You
probably want to refine some of your statements and elaborate on what exactly
your new idea is, e.g. “make it possible to assign waypoints to elephants” or
whatever :wink:

The ability to add aircraft AI with SimConnect_AICreateSimulatedObject is non-
existent in MSFS, However it works in FSX and P3D, So I would like to be able
to add Aircraft AI via the SimConnect_AICreateSimulatedObject function per the
AI_Waypoints example code in FSX/P3D.

why not use " SimConnect_AICreateNonATCAircraft " to add the AI Aircraft?
I would only use SimConnect_AICreateSimulatedObject when adding stuff like
vehicles, ships or so since the descriptions is clear on it: The
SimConnect_AICreateSimulatedObject function is used to create AI
controlled objects other than aircraft.

Working now.