SimConnect Bug - Spawn outside reality bubble

Using AICreateSimulatedObject I am able to spawn an SimObject outside the
current reality bubble. Using AICreateEnrouteATCAircraft this is blocked by
the Sim and I get an exception. I guess the spawn outside the area is a bug?

Hi @Kaiii3 , No, this is not a bug. Regarding AICreateEnrouteATCAircraft , the
two possible exceptions returned are
that cause this behavior Regards, Boris

Hey Boris, so the ability to spawn an object (boat) outside the bubble
()AICreateSimulationObject) is not a bug? DOC is referring only to ATC stuff,
but why not block any other non ATC stuff as well?


). For now we use a workaround by simulating the reality bubble ourself inside
the application to check of the boat would spawn outside the bubble and
prevent the injection on our side. For airplanes we can fallback on the
Code=33 that will tell use that the airplane injected via
AICreateEnrouteATCAircraft/AICreateParkedATCAIrcraft is at the moment ouside
the bubble.

Hi @Kaiii3 , In fact, it’s not a bug because at the moment we don’t really
manage the reality bubble. There is some work to do on our side to improve
this part. Unfortunately no ETA yet on this subject. Regards, Boris

Hey Boris, rgr. I guess this will be part of the AI rework planed by you guys
later on the road-map. We will keep “simulating” the bubble on our end, but
would be great if the Exception for ATC airplanes can be “ported over” other
objects as well as part of the rework :slight_smile: So we do not need to simulate the
bubble in every tool that is running.