SimConnect does not return scenery simobjects whith radius parameter less than 20km

Tested with WASM and .NET Way to reproduce: any airfield, park near to
windsock Example code: SimConnect_RequestDataOnSimObjectType(_hSimConnect,
return windsock or any scenery objects
SimConnect_RequestDataOnSimObjectType(_hSimConnect, REQUEST_ID, DEFINITION_ID,
20001, SIMCONNECT_SIMOBJECT_TYPE_ALL); return windsock and many objects around
Exceptions: Objects inserted by SimConnect_AICreateSimulatedObject
returned with low radius value properly edit: Interesting coincidence - in P3D
SimConnect_RequestMobileSceneryInRadius (not available in MSFS) is for: used
to retrieve mobile scenery objects that are within a specified radius of the
user’s vehicle. Any request over 20,000 meters will return all mobile scenery
seems like similar rule works here - distance filter is broken and
only way to retreive these objects is query all of them by setting 20001m

@Arzop FYI

I can confirm this bug, which prevents getting an accurate list of Simobjects
around the airplane, unless the search range is set higher than 20000 meters.

Hello @virtuali Apologies for not coming back to you earlier on this. We have
identified the problem and added it to our bug track. I’ll let you know when
this is fixed. Regards, Sylvain

I’m reporting this bug is still present in the latest release.

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