SimConnect related Apps doesn't work

Hello together Since about one week, no apps related to the simconnect
connection works together with my MSFS 2020. Apps which doesn’t work are AIG
Traffic Controller, Lorby’s Axis and Oh’s, FS2Crew FBW A32NX and FS2Crew RAAS
Pro. The sim by himself works absolutely normal, but there is no connection
via Simconnect. Also in the Task manager of my Windows 10 Home 64-Bit system
there is no hint, that Simconnect would be started… When i’m in the
developer mode in MSFS 2020 then in the console the following error messages
appear in relation to the topic of

Is there a
possibility to fix simconnect, without deinstalling and reinstalling the whole
Sim??? Thank you very much for every solution… Kind regards Andre

Hello @Dentist1975 What is the fsdt-msfs-bridge supposed to do? You can enable
a dedicated console for SimConnect via SimConnect.ini:
Can you enable it and tell us what it shows on startup? You also use the
SimConnect samples provided with the SDK to test and debug connection.
TaskManager will show nothing as the SimConnect server is part of
FlightSimulator.exe Regards, Sylvain

Hi Sylvain fsdt-msfs-bridge must be something also connected with my GSX Pro
App, which also doesn’t work anymore… the Coutl Scripting also soen’t
start… :frowning: I’ve enabled the SimConnect Console with the SimConnect.ini.

That’s the console “print out”
after starting the sim with the level of text communication on “Error”. I
updated the MSFS SDK (Core) to and also installed the MSFD SDK (Samples). I’m absolut not familiar with SDK!!! Here are other
proofs, that the apps with connection to the sim via SimConnect doesn’t work:

The last picture is the Task
Manager Screen, which shows, what starts together with my sim… Kind Regards


@Dentist1975 Please set the level to “verbose” instead.