Simconnect SDK/API for Multiplayer

Please Consider :- Is there any possibility of a SDK / API to be able to
access (Read only maybe), MSFS MultipPlayer “Local Players” via simconnect
This would allow addons like “Litte Nav map” to be able to display MP Traffic,
as well as the possibility of developing other items, such radar system, as
are present in FSX & P3D, Not looking for a FULL MP SDK (to inject objects
Into MP !!), but just enough to be able to read data for “Local Players” In a
MP session. Basically, info to put MP targets on a map, with data tags, and
basic plane information and cockpit instrument states, ie Transponder code,
COM1 & 2 Freq and active, – maybe even Departure & Destination ICAO codes. Or
build a menu addon, that could include Local MP Players, with names, plane
type, ICAO, distance , LIvery name Note: World Map is already able to see
Local Player MP traffic (in a limited way)