Simconnect - WASM and XBOX

Hi ! @FlyingRaccoon , there is / will be chance to test our WASM in Xbox
environment? Because tools (that use or dont use WASM ) are not allowed to
enter in Marketplace (equal we cannot test it) F

Not sure if I understand your question. To deploy content to XBOX you require
to be inside the Market Place, there is no other way any content will make it
into the Xbox market. When you do, the Market Place team can enable you to see
the content in “TEST / BETA” (as not released to public) for your gamer tag so
if you open a XBOX console you can install and test the product. If you find
faults, you have to fix it on your side, re-submit to MP and repeat. It is
tedious and far from ideal but this is the best you will get. Be aware MSFS
has an issue with WASM on XBOX, this is an ongoing issue and Microsoft is
aware, it remains unresolved and Microsoft has scheduled the fix for SU12,
Asobo is not responsible for the fault, it is an issue with how XBOX consoles
handles libraries and it requires Microsoft engineers to fix the issue. Hope
this information helps you to move things forward. Best, Raul

Hi! Yes this is my question :stuck_out_tongue: You get the point . But i m tool developer
that has the Request in validating state since 2020 :smiley: , and i dont have the
permission until now to publish in marketplace , maybe because no Tools
developer are until now allowed i think . But in preparation for i want try to
do my test on XBOX , but you answered because if i dont have the permission to
be in the marketplace i cannot have way to test my proto inside :frowning: Fabio

I have nothing to add. Thank you Simbol. :slight_smile:

At the moment, even approved 3rd party devs can’t do such tests.

I resubmitted the candidature , but it seems no Tools developer are admitted
or i m wrong ?